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Villa Madrona is an enclave of elegance set amidst the splendour of the Pacific Ocean.

Set in a secluded property with over 400 feet (122 metres) of spectacular waterfront property on British Columbia’s scenic Vancouver Island.

This stunning property is located on the Saanich Peninsula in the Municipality of North Saanich on the southern shores of Vancouver Island in the heart of the Gulf Islands. Villa Madrona is approached through impressive secure wrought iron gates and circular driveway with a lavish fountain at the entrance to the residence. The estate aptly named “Villa Madrona” stands as a proud monument to the abundance of Madrona trees (aka Arbutus) on the luxuriant secluded grounds.

Villa Madrona is an enclave of elegance set amidst the splendour of the Pacific Ocean. Nestled among two acres (0.81 hectares) of exotic foliage and mature trees, this grand estate is comprised of a rare configuration of four waterfront lots joined together to create this unique and exquisite retreat. The sweeping grounds accommodate an 11,000 square foot (1022 square metres) principal residence having three bedrooms (possible fourth), and nine bathrooms. The residence consists of the East Wing (living accommodation) and West Wing (formal rooms, pool/conservatory and theatre).

Built over a three-year period, this impressive and dramatic home has been lovingly appointed with detail and an eye for the unique. Special treasures discovered around the world and at the hands of local artisans combine to blend artefacts of museum calibre in a design favouring Robert Stern, with elliptical windows and colonial pillars placed artfully amid the natural beauty of wood and stone. Corner niches from the original Vanderbilt Estate in New York adorn the entrance loggia and West Wing, while an authentic English pub discovered in Venice dominates the Great Room. Honey colour Sugar Pine ceilings complement the bar in the Great Room and ceiling treatments throughout the remainder of the home feature frescoes on canvas by local artist Peter Gorman. Hardwood floors of lace wood, cherry, maple, mahogany and exotic pine are accentuated by marble and granite from the finest quarries in the world.Villa-Madrona-4_sm

Windows are floor-to-ceiling throughout most of the home and some come with a storied past; most notably the single pane which graces the main stairwell with its leaded brilliance, originating from the Seafarers Union Hall from the turn of the century. The Library houses more treasures than books with its coffered ceilings and warm wood paneling, crafted from the walls of an old English Records House over 100 years ago. The Office gleams with the rich glow of gently restored Irish oak recovered from the S.S. Britannic, the hospital ship that followed the tragic Titanic in the early 1900’s.

Wrought iron accents adorn historic doors sent over from France to lead the way into The Conservatory, which accommodates the intricately designed gold leaf mosaic swimming pool and numerous Florida fig and orange trees within its skylight Romanesque design – opens onto a private patio and bar b-q area. Within the Conservatory building, the Casablanca Theatre and lobby area that takes visitors into the past with its ticket wicket from historic Missouri, original stained glass from the Penny Arcade in Long Island and original oil on canvas Casablanca posters. The satellite–fed theatre itself seats 12 comfortably under an Art Deco ceiling illuminated by fine alabaster wall sconces.

The main rooms of the residence open onto large patio areas accessed through over height French doors. The larger patio which is accessed from the Great room and kitchen has a bar b-q and smoker.

Property: Situated on the crest of a hill overlooking the beautiful Satellite Channel, Villa Madrona has been handcrafted into the rugged rock formations naturally indigenous to the Pacific coastline. From each of the four landscaped terraced plateaus which house the Villa the ocean is showcased from each garden viewpoint and outdoor patio providing a 180 degree vista.  Villa-Madrona-2_sm

Every vantage point on the property of two acres (0.81 hectares) presents the viewer with a scene more spectacular than the last. The topography of the property is replete with naturally lush semi-tropical plant life dwarfed by Pine, Arbutus (Madrona), Cedar, fir trees and their new neighbour; a giant imported California Redwood which flourishes healthily as a result of the local nutrient-rich soil.  Accented by two different types of locally quarried granite, the formally landscaped grounds on the property resemble an English Garden; complete with hand-welded copper tubing depicting sea life is wisteria-covered bower with outdoor swinging bench. Ten genuine English Rose Gardens, tenderly cultivated to blossom into over 60 different types (individually identified) of roses create a whimsical ambience. There are numerous patios, pathways, secluded retreat areas, featured fountains and bronze statues/sculptures (i.e. eagles, herons, dolphins, and otter) throughout this beautifully landscaped and natural state secluded property. The sunny west-north-west exposure offers outstanding panoramic marine views! HPIM0401

Waterfront:  Easily accessed and very usable waterfront having frontage of 400 feet (122 meters) +/- with a lovely sandy beach (see photo in exterior section)and rocky area on the south side (see photo with mermaid and dolphin). There is a secluded patio with barbecue pit and two boathouses for small boats, kayaks, canoes and equipment storage. It is easy to safely moor your boat offshore seasonally.

Tea House and Secret Garden: Situated in an area above the garages at the top of the property there is an intimate Tea House, patios, gardens for vegetables and household flowers plus a Secret Garden (sunken patio).

Guest House: The Guest known as “Exeter House” is currently duplexed  with a private guest suite on the main level of 3174 square feet (295 square metres) – having a master bedroom with five piece en-suite bathroom, large living/dining room with gas fireplace, modern gourmet kitchen, guest bathroom.

The main rooms open onto a patio with bar-bq and spacious deck area. The suite has been expensively updated and enhanced to a high standard. The lower level with interior and exterior access has three bedrooms, four piece bathroom, kitchen/living room.  There is also a Hot tub overlooking the ocean, a secluded gazebo with fireplace plus easy access to a secluded beach. The Guest House is suitable for guests, family or staff.  Located away from the main residence it is an ideal getaway unto itself.

Studio Apartment: Above the guest house double garage there is a self-contained suite of 287 square feet (27 square metres).Villa-Madrona-3_sm

Garages: The main residence garage has garaging for ten vehicles plus a large adjoining workshop with small office area and two piece bathroom.  The Guest house has an attached large double garage with workshop and gardeners area.

Greenhouse and Garden Building: There is a large working greenhouse and garden equipment building away from the main residence with its own entrance. It is a separate legal lot which could be sold off or not included in a sale if so desired.

Services:  Domestic Water – Municipal plus two well.
Sewer – Septic treatment System
Hydro – 600 amps (back up generator form emergency use)
Gas – Terasen gas service for some appliances and equipment, etc.

Location: Located just 10 minutes from the B. C. Ferries Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal (service to Tsawwassen – Vancouver and Gulf Islands) and 15 minutes to Ferry for Washington State.  Villa Madrona is perfectly suited to the nature lover who appreciates an unsurpassed level of luxury. Easily accessible by car, helicopter, ferry, commercial airlines, floatplane and pleasure craft, a trip to Villa Madrona is a stunning excursion to nature’s paradise. Only ten minutes from the Victoria International Airport and helipad and only a few minutes to several excellent marinas and golf course.

Villa Madrona is an ideal venue from which to take advantage of nature’s grandeur while enjoying all the amenities of city life. Although the Villa offers complete privacy in nature’s own design, the ease of city living in Victoria and the quaint charm of the Town of Sidney (population 11,000) are only minutes away, offering every convenience within their scenic array of shops, services and all amenities. Some of the finest private schools in the province are located within an easy drive and the renowned University of Victoria is one of the most prestigious post secondary institutions in Canada.

Situated: Situated on the west side of the Saanich Peninsula on Satellite Channel (48°44’N., 123°22’W) in the area known as Lands End – An area of fine homes! The area with a moderate climate offers excellent boating, kayaking, diving, fishing, crabbing, shrimping, molluscs and a great variety of marine, bird and wild life. There are many walking trails and natural state park areas within minutes of the property.  The property is within the well regarded Municipality of North Saanich (population about 11,000) and is only 30 kilometres (19 miles) north of the City of Victoria, Capital of British Columbia.

Villa Madrona is an experience, which delights the senses and stimulates images of luxury, serenity and a sense of arrival to a special place in time, space and nature, which cannot be replicated.


spectacular waterfront property


square metres principal residence


minutes from the B. C. Ferries Swartz

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Bad credit loan refinancing advice Before you start when you decide to go looking for bad credit refinance loan you as much as possible the wisest, the most secure, in order to find the most time efficient way, also a clear value There are some facts. This section of the site you will find the following useful articles.

Bad credit home refinancing. Getting a bad credit mortgage refinancing is simple and less time consuming, if the rack is a little bit of advance preparation, you can make the process much less nervous. In this article we are refinancing with the best way to approach you, we’ll look at three simple steps you can take to give the best opportunity to make a successful application itself.

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Car loan for bad credit people are much higher risk for lenders, they are loans, higher interest rates will need to protect themselves from potential losses in case of default. You can have a shorter loan term loans for people with excellent or premium credit bad credit loans. The car usually does not hold its value over the long term, in some ways, this is in fact, you may be better financially for. Finding a car loan for bad credit people is impossible, but it may take some effort on your part. Please have it ready so that you will be able to find one through your car dealer. If you are looking for car loans for people with bad credit you will instead, online, or your local credit union looks.

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How to Keep Guests Safe

safetyfirstEven though summer is over, it is does not mean you can’t have guests over at your place.  In fact, it may just even be better as cooler temperatures are simply perfect for parties.  You can choose to grill up barbeques or just camp around your big TV and watch some Netflix movies.

While fun is meant to be fun, it does not mean that it cannot be safe.  If you have guests at your home, it is in your best interest to keep both your home and your guests safe.  There is really nothing wrong if you prepare things methodically.

The list below show how to do it without messing the mood or party

1. Cage you pet pooch for the meantime

It can be said that a bite is worse than any bark.  Even if your dog is very docile and will not hurt even a fly, it cannot always be said when it gets frightened if there is a crowd on its territory, especially in cases where your dog finds it difficult to find you amongst the crowd.

The worst thing that can happen is that you have a guest that is uncomfortable around with animals get bitten.  This poses a big problem as dog bites actually account for more than $483 million in liability claims for the year 2013 as per Insurance Information Institute.  The average payout for dog bite is $27,850.

This is why you should make sure that your pet doggie is secured somewhere safe so as to prevent any contact between your pet and your guests.

2. Clear all danger

Before the schedule party date, make sure to clear all dangers on both inside and outside of your property.  Look for clutter or anything that can make your guests slip or fall.  Make sure the steps or railings in your deck and patio are not loose.  Also check for nail issues that may trip or puncture the feet of your guests.  Try to hide away any electrical cords, peeled rugs, or slippery mats where they can trip and injure themselves.

If a guest does trip and get injured, you can review your professional liability insurance policy for help.  It provides two types of liability coverage – against lawsuit or payment of medical expenses.

3. First things first

If you have a lot of guest coming over, make sure to guide them on their parking.  Inform them if there is a nearby vacant lot which they can use.  If they need to park on the side street, be sure to suggest where their cars will be safe and will not get towed.

4. Collect all car keys

Once your guests are safely seated in your home, if you are going to serve alcohol at the party, try to collect all their car keys and jokingly say that it is their admission price.  This is very useful so that when they attempt to leave, they will first go to you to get their keys.  You will then have a chance to determine if they are fit to drive or simply have them stay for the night until they get sober.  Basically, this will be your way of helping them avoid any road accidents or get caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

5. Get a bartender

If you do not feel comfortable judging your friend’s sobriety, maybe you would want to consider hiring a bartender who has been trained in making that kind of call.  Additionally, your hired bartender will have an idea if any particular guests have consumed large amounts of alcohol.

6. Be snacky

A lot of guests want alcohol and the best way to alleviate them from drinking too much is to serve food often.  This will manage a bit of their alcohol consumption as they will be eating their way into your food instead of drinking away.

7. Last call

Since you will be serving alcohol in your party, make sure that you and your guest have an agreed time on what time the party will finish.  Make it a point to stop serving alcohol an hour prior to the agreed time so your guests can sober up a bit.

8. Call it a night

Drunk driving and drowsy driving is a huge threat not just for your guests, but also for other motorists.  Make sure to set your end party time conveniently wherein your guests are not too drunk or too tired or sleepy to drive back home.

Proper planning for your house party can be very helpful for your guests.  Taking in the ideas on this list will help you prepare for safer parties for your guests.  After all, it is not only the fun you want in a party, but also knowing that your guests got home safe and sound.

A Few Ideas on Saving Money on Homeowners Insurance

All homeowners with a mortgage are required to have homeowners insurance but not everyone takes advantage of the money saving techniques below.Home owners insurance

  • Look into getting a discount for having things like: a security alarm system (especially true if it notifies police there has been a break in), smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, a pool that has been secured with a fence and lockable gate, rails along the stairways etc.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount from your insurance carrier for things that make your home safer.
  • Have multiple policies with 1 insurer.  For instance having both your homeowners and auto insurance with the same insurance company could save you some nice money.  Dealing with one insurer instead of multiple ones could make things more convenient for you as well.
  • Regularly review the cost of your homeowner’s policy.  Request quotes from other insurers and ask how they can be competitive with your current policy.  If your happy with your current insurer but get a good offer from a competitor (that is less than your current policy), ask your current insurer to match the offer.
  • Consider increasing your deductible.  Now you want to be very careful with this especially if your cash flow is tight because you’ll have to put more money out of pocket if a claim does occurs.
  • Make your home more resistant to potential damage.   This is especially useful when your renovating or building an addition.  For instance if your upgrading your plumbing  or getting fire resistant shingles on your roof etc. ask your insurance company what savings are available for your homeowners policy.
  • Realize that your credit history may affect your policy cost.  Not all insurers look at your credit but the trend is that more insurance companies are.  Potentially saving money on insurance is just another reason to pay bills by their due date, check your credit report for mistakes and be conservative on credit used.

I hope you found this useful as I’m always looking to provide useful insurance information and tips here.

Homeowners Insurance Protection in the Case of Disasters

Virtually everyone that owns a residence has a homeowners policy but does that policy properly protect one in the case of a natural disaster? Below are a few important considerations to examine closely.Home Insurance

  • Is one in a flood plain or likely to be suject to flooding in their home due to an overflowing water bed or other adverse natural condition/event that could cause damage?  The National Flood Insurance Program issues coverage for this situation and it can be a life saver in a devastating event like hurricane Katrina or the recent Irene.
  • Windstorm protection can be pertinent especially in the case where a tornado or hurricane can be destructive.  Look at the policy closely to see if properly protected and if not consider the appropriate rider.
  • A standard homeowners insurance policy may not guard against a mudslide.  Certain areas of the country are more subject to this type of danger as well as homes on sloping ground or that are on weak soil.  Look into this risk with your insurer, agent and or state insurance department.  Research to see if useful stats are available in this regards.
  • Earthquakes can be devastating and can cause extraordinary damage.  A rider covering this types of event is worth consideration especially for those in areas with active fault lines.  One does not want to find out later after one of these that their policy didn’t protect against an earthquake.

There could be other disasters risks out there not mentioned here.  Talk with an insurance company or broker and state insurance department for more information.

Homeowners Insurance Tip: Make an Inventory List of your Possessions

Its important to inventory the possessions in your home because if there ever is a fire or a burglary settling a claim with the insurance company will be much easier.  Below is list of considerations and recommendations for making a list for your homeowners insurance policy:Home Insurance Tip

  • Take photographs of your possessions (or even capture them on video)  to go along with the written list.  This is a good way to back up your written claim.
  • Provide the inventory checklist to your homeowners insurance company or insurance broker and be sure that they recognize it.
  • Asses the value of what each item is and keep any purchase receipts along with the assessments.  Bear in mind that some things will increase in value and some will depreciate over time.
  • When making this list consider whether or not you have the appropriate coverage for very valuable possessions like jewelery.  Homeowners policies have limits to how much they will pay out and it may be wise to get additional coverage on items that have large values.
  • If your valuables have serial numbers put those details on your inventory list.
  • Keep your inventory list in a safety deposit box (so if something happens to the house the list is kept safe) and make a backup copy.

Liability Insurance Coverage for Homeowners & 4 Things you Should Know

Liability insurance is the component of a homeowners policy (also know as premises liability insurance) that protects you the homeowner  from liability when another is injured on your property.  This coverage should protect your household members (in which you’re liable) if property damage occurs to an others property.   To illustrate an example in which coverage may protect you:  Your friend comes over, slips and falls on a toy left on your porch by your child.   Below are 3 things you should know about homeowners liability coverage.Home Liability Insurance

  • Believe it or not if a trespasser enters your property and is injured you could be on the hook or in other words liable.   Almost hard to believe, almost sad but true.  This should be reason enough to consider having the liability component of homeowners insurance or increasing the coverage‘s limit.
  • Your homeowners policy may or may not provide you with free liability coverage.  Find out how much you’re covered for.  Bear in mind this may not be enough.  Commonly you’re able to protect your self for $300k, $500k or even $1 million.
  • Its important to note that you usually will not be covered if you intentionally cause an injury.  Definitely review with the insurance company what is covered.  Ask them to get specific regarding how your covered in the event of an accident on your property;  then ask them how negligence comes into play.  Its wise to find out all the nuances so you’ll know if you’re properly covered.
  • If you have or are looking to buy liability coverage find out if you are covered for paying the injured party’s medical bills.

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